Porcelain jewellery, dishes and more...

About me...

All my porcelain pieces are a result of many  experiments. I've never studied how to work with clay but I have a curious nature and I like to try out differents things. I enjoy playing with pigments, glazes and shapes.

Each piece is handmade, handpainted and most of the time hand-shaped.

My curiosity and experiments result in making each piece a one-of-a-kind.



The name of my brand, like my porcelain objects, is special to me and a blend of what I am.

The word "Kôñorgold" is made out of the translation of the word "gold" in four different languages: Fang, French, English and German.

Fang ist the second language in Gabon where I grew up.

French is what I am.

England is where I discovered my love for ceramic.

Germany is home.